ELTA Newsletter: September - October 2015

У септембру 2015. године, у електронском часопису наставника енглеског језика Newsletter, објављен је рад наше две ученице, Ане Ђорђевић и Катарине Возић. Прочитајмо овај инспиративни и дирљиви говор којим су се оне опростиле од својих другара и професора! 


It is “back to school” for us all and we hope this 5th ELTA Newsletter issue in 2015 would give you a boost of energy to take on the forthcoming obligations. Here is what we have prepared for you this time, with the immense help of our contributors, of course.


The end is not near it'shere!


By Ana Đorđević and Katarina Vozić IV2, School of Pharmacy and Physiotherapy, Belgrade


Key words: graduation, speech


Dear classmates and teachers,

When we first started writing this speech we knew that our love and appreciation can’t fit onto

one page. But we’ll most certainly try to share one little piece of it with you. They say that

without saying goodbye we wouldn’t know how much we love the ones who we’re saying

goodbye to. Looking back on the years we’ve spent together and all the things we’ve gone

through we realize how painful this goodbye really is.

It is1 st September 2011. We see 22 scared faces walking into our class, and we start to relax

because we know we all feel the same way. Scared but excited, not knowing what would

happen, let alone what an impact it would have on our lives.

These past four years have been a roller coaster. Getting to know each other, learning how

beautiful and important variety really is, we’ve grown up so much. Life itself was unfair and hard

sometimes, but by being there for each other we made the best of it

First great loves, and then losses, wandering through high school, trying to find yourself, and

without noticing, finally finding what we were looking for in the people we love. The confusion

makes sense now. All the drama and unnecessary worries about our grades, or what to wear, or

seeing our crush in school hallways seem so childish, yet so sweet now. Those are the

memories that will always make us smile. We anticipated so many Fridays and holidays without

school that now we want this end to last forever. We’ve left so many words unsaid, so many

plans unfinished. It’s not enough, guys. Why stop now when we have a lifetime to fulfill our


With that in mind, we say goodbye to a chapter in our lives but not to the people who surround

us. Just think how lucky we are to have something that makes saying goodbye so difficult. So

let’s slowly sink into our future, filled with memories of the past, remembering the tears and

smiles we shared. We have a whole new chapter in front of us, just like we did four years ago.

So don’t be scared because the last time you were scared it turned out to be great!


Katarina Vozić and Ana Đorđević graduated from the Secondary School of Pharmacy and

Physiotherapy in Belgrade, Serbia, in May 2015. Both of them were outstanding, talented and

inspiring students to their teacher. In short, they were a joy to teach!


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